Why haven't we heard from D'Amico Motorcycles lately?

Some of you may have noticed that the Instragram and Facebook posts from DM have been a little on the quiet side over the past month.  Where has DM been and why has it been so long since we have heard from them? 

We asked owner Michael D'Amico to explain his online absence:

"There is a bigger picture at play here.  Whilst we appreciate the success that has come from social media I don't want to become one of those brands that posts unnecessary or irrelevant crap everyday just to maintain their social media following.  To me that just seems desperate and I find myself unfollowing accounts quite often that do just that.  Don't get me wrong, promoting your products online is a great way to get exposure, but no one wants to see the same product in a similar post every day.  It just gets boring."

So why an entire month with no contact?

"We are actually working on a new product range as we speak that is consuming a lot of our time.  We wanted to dedicate all of our energy into getting this right before we start posting about it online.  I know our followers are keen to see what we are up to but I am sure it will be worth the wait when we debut our new product line.

What can you tell us about it? 

"Well I'm trying to keep my cards close to my chest but I can say that this new range is not clothing or apparel and I am adamant in having it manufactured here in Melbourne, Australia.  It will detail very high quality workmanship, keep true to our brand and priced fairly in this competitive market."

I guess in the meantime we will just have to hope that DM starts posting again and some clues are dropped on social media along the way.