D’Amico Motorcycles, or DM as we like to call it, is a company that understands the desire to make you and your bike unique. Whether you’re sourcing a part or accessory for your bike or looking for one of a kind riding gear, we’re sure to have you covered.

So How Are We Different?

  • Many of the products shown here on the website are developed during our one of a kind motorcycle builds.
  • The engraved and antiqued leather work is hand dyed and not mass produced. No two items are the same.  We use tattoo and laser engraving techniques to create custom leather goods that have an old school feel.
  • While our products are distinctive, we believe they suit many bikes and riders.
  • While we love sharing our latest products with you, we will also be posting industry news and recommended local rides. Make sure to stay in touch!

Meet Michael-Designer & Owner

Michael attended RMIT focusing on Industrial Design, studying plastics and metal engineering, technical drawing and product design. From a very young age he has had a real passion for metalworking and fabrication and is often trialing new design and fabrication mediums. Building bikes and designing parts feeds his interests in fabrication and leather work and allows him to develop his creativity and product range. He’s been collecting machinery, tooling and equipment his whole life which has proven helpful in producing many of the products here on our store.

Michael believes that skilled craftsmanship has been traded for mass production in too many industries. Instead DM focuses to provide niche runs of products which have been produced with great care and quality. Here at DM, all products are designed and tested by Michael.

Michael D'Amico

One thing is for sure, after founding D’Amico Motorcycles one goal became evident - he wants to make your gear and bike all about you.

Bike Beginnings

The first Motorcycle he bought was a 1992 Honda CBR-RR 250CC from a neighbor for $4000.  While it wasn’t a great bike, it sparked his interest and it was the modest beginning of D’Amico Motorcycles. He began dreaming of parts and modifications to update this old bike, to make it new again, sadly though the bike was written off in an accident and the parts were never made.

After losing the Honda, he became interested in classic and antique motorcycles, mostly Cafe Racers.  Let’s be honest though, he’s a fan of all bikes, from super-sports to one of a kind choppers - he loves them all. Still driven by his newfound interest, he purchased a 1987 Honda GB400 and while riding he imagines what changes he’d like to make to it. Click here to see the latest news on the GB400.

 Around 2 years ago he purchased a Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883.  He recognised that off the showroom floor it isn’t the most attractive, but this stock bike had loads of potential. It’s lightweight and with a bit of work could become really quick, he’d tell you that it can be one of the quickest Harley’s around. Like many riders he considers purchasing another bike often but then he rides the Sportster lovingly named Magdalena and changes his mind. She’s the one bike that he can’t really seem to move past, yet.

Whilst in Italy in early 2016 on a research trip he visited the Ducati factory in Bologna and fell hard for the iconic Italian brand. Watch this space as we’re convinced a new sleek lined sports bike may soon join the DM family.

Thanks for checking out our site.  Michael is always in the mood to talk shop so feel free to send him an email to say hi at info@damicomotorcycles.com.au or hit him up on his instragram page @damico_motorcycles.

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